Dental Implants in Brighton MA

Dental Implants in Brighton MA

Dental Implants in Brighton MA | Mayani Dental Group is a premier provider of Implant Dentistry in Brighton MA. A smile is one of the most recognizable parts of your appearance. It is the first point of contact someone will have with you; it is also what people will most likely use to determine how approachable you are, or how to open you are to an idea. However, for one reason or another, our smiles don’t always shed the best light on us.

One of the most common factors affecting smiles is tooth loss. In years past, beyond bridges and dentures, there weren’t many fixes for lost teeth. Though the procedures mentioned above are helpful, they still leave much to be admired. However, with the ever-increasing advancements in the dental field, there’s a reason to smile.

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry is a relatively new technique that’s sure to bring about a bright smile. Implant dental surgery is geared towards placing a new tooth into the space where the old tooth fell out. The new tooth is customized to fit the gap like a glove. After the dental implant procedure, you’ll be the proud owner of a bright new smile. Best of all, outside of the implant itself, the surgery is nearly undetectable.

Common Causes of Teeth Loss

In addition to altering your smile, losing your teeth can represent a massive blow to your self-esteem, and can even lead you to social anxiety. There are many causes of tooth loss. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Poor Hygiene. Poor dental hygiene is a significant contributor to tooth loss. The biggest culprits of poor dental habits are incorrect flossing and not brushing your teeth.
  • Cavities. Dental cavities may also lead to tooth loss. They are brought about by plaque eats through the teeth.
  • Tobacco. Smoking can affect the status of your teeth. Cigarette smoke can accelerate the formation of plaque, consequentially triggering decay. Smokers also have less oxygenated blood, meaning there is constrained oxygen flow to the teeth.
  • Tooth Injury. Physical teeth injuries are quite common, especially to athletes and people involved in a lot of physical activity. One could be skating and then lose balance and fall face first, which would lead to injuries, teeth injuries being part of the list.

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